Emotional Enlightenment is a practical guide to Emotional Intelligence. Inspired by students and clients, I wrote this book to help you gain an in-depth understanding of emotions.

Your emotions are triggered by your thoughts. When you know what you are thinking and recognize how these thoughts influence your feelings, you become more self –aware. You also experience a greater sense of self- control. This allows you to be more authentic which is essential for building healthy relationships.


Knowing what another person thinks and feels enables you to understand them. When you acknowledge your understanding by reflecting the emotions you perceive they are experiencing, they think you understand them. This is the essence of empathy and it activates trust in relationships. Self-Awareness and Empathy have become an important focus in current leadership programs.


Emotional Enlightenment provides real-life examples and exercises to enhance your Emotional Intelligence. The included cartoons do put some fun into a very serious topic! Enjoy, also, the fun of successful relationships!


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