1. Andrew Corkum, PhD., Associate Professor at Dalhousie University, Department of Civil & Resource Engineering, has expressed, "I truly enjoyed Jane Birdsell's book. It is so practically written, not a lot of theorizing and psychological mumbo-jumbo, but clear examples that are easy to relate to. It provides a very simple and effective methodology that I found really helpful for emotional analysis. Even more surprising to me was that emotional analysis is a learnable and useful skill. The overall thesis seems to be that empathy is a central component of analyzing and understanding emotions in yourself and others. At first I didn't get it, but by the end I could really see that from a practical perspective empathy really is the key."


2. Ann Laverty, PhD, RPsych. Senior Counsellor (Professional), Acting Director of The University of Calgary’s Student’s Union Wellness Centre, has endorsed Jane’s book with the following comments: "I have recommended Emotional Enlightenment to several clients who appreciated the transparency of practical suggestions and exercises included and the encouraging voice in which the book is written. I believe this text is particularly helpful for post-secondary students who are learning about the importance of emotions as well as benefits of knowing how to express and manage responses."


3. Jennifer de Poyen, M.A. in Communication, Stanford University, Fellowship, National Arts Journalism Program, Columbia University, California-based writer, has offered the following review: "Emotional Enlightenment provides deep, fresh psychological insights, which makes the book a perfect teaching tool for a classroom setting, Yet, it is written in a direct, accessible style, which makes it useful for anyone who wants to improve his or her relationships."


1. Calgary Herald Non-Fiction Best Seller list for over 20 weeks

2. 2013 Indie Excellence Finalist Award in the Relationship Category

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